For Parents

Want to help your child learn how to read at home, but not sure how? Let TRI help.

For Parents

Targeted Reading Instruction (TRI) provides evidence-based reading instruction tailored to address the needs of each learner. From the very earliest lessons, students are given the opportunity to apply their growing knowledge of sounds and letters in real words and texts.

The thing I've learned most is how to think about reading through a child's eyes. Like what they need and when...I know how to do that now—how to teach reading like that.

– Teacher, Bertie County Schools
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There are milestones in every child's life. As a parent, you remember these vividly--your child's first smile, first laugh, first word. A milestone you'll both remember, one which has lifelong impact, is your child learning to read. We all know that being able to read accurately, smoothly, and with good comprehension is a critical life skill.

Teachers around the world work with children daily to develop these skills. And many parents work in tandem to support that work. Now, with remote learning the norm, more than ever before parents are playing an even greater role in helping children learn to read. TRI@Home can help ensure your efforts are a success.

Over the last 15 years, Targeted Reading Instruction (TRI) has developed a highly effective reading program used by hundreds of teachers. TRI@Home provides you with access to the same materials, resources, and training these teachers have used to great effect.

Your TRI coach will help you design TRI lessons to fit your child’s needs. TRI lesson guides and training videos provide continuous support

One-on-one coaching sessions for you and your child

Access to our library of TRI training videos

Access to all TRI digital materials (printable)

How does TRI@Home work?

You will receive training, materials, and coaching to fully assist you in completing TRI lessons with your child.

Before meeting with your coach the first time:

  • Assess your child’s knowledge of letter sounds using our easy TRI Assessment Task

  • Share the assessment results with your coach

  • Access training videos and TRI materials

  • Collaboratively plan TRI lessons with your coach

  • Meet with your coach via Zoom for your child’s first TRI lesson

A typical coaching session includes the following:

  • You and your coach touch base, discuss questions, and review the upcoming lesson

  • You work with your child while your coach provides real-time guidance as needed

  • You and your coach debrief the lesson and discuss what went well, what needs work, and what future lessons might look like

Following each coaching session, your coach will send you written feedback, reviewing the day’s session and providing resources for future lessons.

TR@Home Lessons

You will learn how to implement the three key elements of a TRI lesson. ​

  • Rereading for Fluency. Your child will reread a few pages from a book read during the previous day’s lesson. Your focus is on helping your child read smoothly and with expression.

  • Word Work. Your child will complete a few different interactive activities. Word Work activities may include blending and segmenting sounds, manipulating letter tiles, and writing words sound-by-sound. Your focus is on guiding your child through these simple activities. 

  • Connected Text Reading. Your child will read a book that applies Word Work skills. Your focus is on helping your child read and recognizing when your child needs a little extra support.

TRI@Home Registration and Fees

Registration includes coaching and access to digital TRI materials, books, and lesson guides, all of which are included in the pricing below. Once you register for TRI@Home you will work with your TRI coach to schedule coaching sessions at your convenience. All coaching sessions must be completed by June 30, 2022.

Register for a single session.

1 session - $75

Register for a block of 4 sessions at a discounted rate.

4-session block

$280 ($70/session)

Register for a block of 9 sessions at a discounted rate. (recommended)

9-session block

$585 ($65/session)

TRI teachers have helped hundreds of children learn to read. TRI@Home will help you teach your child to read, too!

Want to try TRI activities on your own? Follow this link to access TRI videos, lesson guides, and decodable texts.

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Gives you as a teacher the comfort they are learning, but you are learning as well.

– Teacher, Bertie County Schools
  • Certified TRI literacy coaches work one-on-one with your beginning reader
  • Online tutoring with hands-on activities
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs